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Welcome to Lice Bites:

A site dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, & prevention of head lice.

How was born: After my daughter contracted lice for the 5th time in 2 years, I was at my wits end. The first time, I tried to remedy the situation myself , only to be reinfested. The second time, we hired a lice removal service that I found on the internet. They came to our home and were really excellent, but the products and services cost more money than I spent on my first car. (That was not a joke.) For infestation number three a year later, I decided that I would spend the money on the service again. I didn't feel confident enough to tackle the problem myself and the support they could offer was invaluable.  However, after watching a professional for the second time,  I realized I could handle this situation myself....but first, I needed all of the facts.

During each infestation, I was doing loads of research, trying to educate myself,  but the results were often confusing and conflicting. The "answers" I found were often some form of ad  trying to sell a product. I turned to healthcare providers, websites, drugstores, and blogs, but none had all of the information. (Myth, misinformation and conflicting stories are what I found.)

I have become an "amateur expert" through experience.  I've solicited the help of lice-fighting professionals, combined it with my own research and experience, and consolidated everything I've learned here, so that you can tackle this effectively and calmly. (Not to mention save you money and time.)

Everything that I write about on this website is true to the best of my knowledge and research. I have personally treated or given this advice in at least 30 different cases of children infected with lice, and in each case they have rid themselves of lice. (This number includes the last 2 infestations my daughter had, which I am proud to say ended very abruptly!)

Be assured that I make no money off of this website and only recommend products and services I have used. I just want every parent who deals with this to be well-armed, confident, and effective at ridding their homes of lice. 

So, let's get going. First, let's see if you really have lice. Go to Diagnosis. Or, if you're sure, move right on to Preparing your child and Treatment.