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Lice Lifters: This is a salon outside of Philadelphia that will do a head check and treat your head if necessary. They sell products such as The Nit Nanny: Lice and Scalp Treatment,  Nit Free combs and also have a machine called the "Lousebuster" that uses hot air to kill the lice.  (Outside the Philadelphia area,  go to   for an authorized operator near you.)

Lice Treatment Center a full service  company that offers complete in-home Lice removal services and manufactures a full line of safe and natural lice products. For an hourly fee plus travel expenses, a technician will treat all infected family members and give advice on how to treat your home.

Lice Happens: This is a service that will, for an hourly fee plus travel expenses, come to your house and individually treat each member of your household for you.  Their motto is "No shame, no blame!"   (NOTE: I have NOT personally used this service personally but others in my community have and have given them excellent reviews).


The Nit Nanny: Lice and Scalp Treatment: this is an oil based product that takes 15 minutes and effectively kills the live lice. Available at

LiceMD: This is an oil based product that takes 10 minutes and is an effective treatment for killing live lice.  Available at some pharmacies.

Quit Nits: This is an oil based product that is an effective treatment for killing live lice.  This kit contains an oil that is left on the head for four hours, or must be left on the head overnight for serious infestation.  Whole Foods Market(and maybe other locations) carry this kit, which includes a spray-on repellent for preventing re-infestation in the days following treatment.

Nit Free: is the  best comb to use.


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