Free Lice Advice



There are a few simple steps that a person can take to try to avoid getting head lice:

  • INFORM YOUR COMMUNITY ABOUT YOUR CASE OF LICE. If you do not, you will likely get it again from someone in that community who may not even know they have it. Put yourself in someone else's shoes... Would you want to know if your family has been exposed to lice? Absolutely.
  • encourage children to avoid head-to-head contact. 
  • never share hats, scarves, helmets, or jackets. 
  • never share hairbrushes or hair accessories. 
  • keep long hair in a "ballet" bun, braids or pony-tails.  
  • use hairspray or gel to slick down any loose hairs.  
  • spray hair daily with essential oils such as tea tree oil, rosemary oil, cinnamon oil, etc.  
  • at school, keep all clothing in bins or cubbies which separate each students possessions.