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 nit under microscope

This is just how small the eggs are. The louse bonds her egg to the hair shaft with a very strong glue. It is so strong that one side of the hair shaft sheared off with this egg when it was combed out. The bottom of the egg is what is attached to the hair. The top of the egg is missing from this picture because when the egg hatched the "lid" popped off.  


nit and pushpin      

This is that same nit as it would appear without any magnification. The tiny tail-like part is the sheared hair shaft. If this were a "full" nit with a live bug in it, it would appear slightly darker and just a bit larger.   

   lice on hairshaft       

This is a nit (that has not hatched yet) attached to a strand of hair . Under magnification  you can see the "lid" which will "pop" off when the louse is hatched.